the afterlife

Suicide has been a recurring subject in my life lately, especially today. But I guess if we’re being honest, it has my whole life. It’s been an unspeakable shadow that hides most days but sometimes whispers and beckons to me when I find myself in the dark. The first time I was diagnosed with depression […]

working hard or hardly working?

No but really. My job is…interesting to say the least. The first few weeks were mostly spent sitting around trying to learn from watching someone else do our job. It did help to build camaraderie however, which is a good thing because now I have coworker friends again! Yay! I do really think my job […]

musings on mortality.

So I guess I should say something here. I finally got a job! I mean, it’s definitely like, entry level started from the bottom now we he-uh status but it’s a job and I’m excited to be getting paid again. I was supposed to start last Monday but they pushed it back a week so […]

I constantly have to remind myself that my life is not an episode of Girls no matter how much I relate to Hannah Horvath. Which in my personal opinion, isn’t even the best character to relate to. Nor do I relate to her in every way but in many ways we are similar. But like […]

A new chapter…

That’s probably the most cliche title I could’ve chosen for this entry but I think it’s allowed every now and then right? No, my professors are probably rolling their eyes (as if they’d ever read this blog, ha!) but I digress. It’s been about a month since I’ve been done with school now. It still […]