we found wonderland; you and i got lost in it

I am a member of the generation that has documented their entire adolescence on the internet of their own accord. I was thinking about this the other day because I wanted to download all of my old blog entries from my high school blog. Unfortunately they wouldn’t work, the website is undergoing some changes. Most likely some kind of facelift to make it more appealing to the latest up-and-coming crop of adolescents documenting their lives online. However I think most of them just us tumblr. Anyway I haven’t posted on here in months. I don’t know why I started this blog. I’ve never been very good at blogging. I end up using it as more of an online journal and then it’s too personal or no one cares.

I guess I should do a life update. I got a new job. A real English major job. I am now a copywriter so that’s exciting. I still am questioning myself sometimes about if I’m doing a good job but I’ve been there for 2 months now and I really love it. The company is awesome and I do like my coworkers. I haven’t bonded with them as well or as quickly as I did at my last job but I’m trying to be optimistic. We all got really close really fast at my last job. Or at least some of us did. Anyway I’m not sure where I was going with this. I guess just a reminder that I’m still here. I’ve been trying to write more offline lately. I really do need to get back on track with my writing. It is something that’s always been there for me, even when people haven’t. I will try to post more on here though too, if I remember.

Love to anyone reading this,



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