I constantly have to remind myself that my life is not an episode of Girls no matter how much I relate to Hannah Horvath. Which in my personal opinion, isn’t even the best character to relate to. Nor do I relate to her in every way but in many ways we are similar. But like Hannah, I am a writer and I need to continue writing. I’ve started working out almost daily and I need to remember that writing everyday is just as important to my health. Because what do English majors aspire to be after college? Teachers? That is the main career option that I keep hearing for me. But lately I’ve been applying to anything that seems like something I could do, which mostly has been data entry this week. I’ve had an interview that went really well and I’m waiting to hear back. I just feel like I keep shooting out resumes in so many different directions that I don’t know who is calling me anymore. It’s always a surprise when they say “Hey Samantha this is ______ you applied for _______.” I never know what I’m getting myself into, it’s like a fun game of professional jack-in-the-box, you never know when or who will pop up. Anyway I’m at least going to post once a week on here and even though it’s boring maybe it’ll help me get creative somewhere along the way.


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